Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tiffany & Company Birthday Party

Last Saturday I threw my older sister a Birthday Party. Her name is Tiffany & she was feeling bummed about getting older, so I knew that a 'Tiffany & Company’ themed party would be exactly what she needed to embrace and celebrate her birthday!


I’ve had so much fun planning her party over the last month and a half. I gave myself plenty of time to slowly work on everything since I work full time and wanted it to be perfect!

All parties begin with invitations! I handmade these with card-stock, ribbon and little bit of glue. I invited all the women in our family (from my mother’s side) and we had about 15 guests attend.

Here are some photos of the d├ęcor and deliciousness:

23 candy

My Aunt Cindi is a fabulous baker and brought her famous Almond Sugar Cookies that not only look amazing but have a delicious crunch and then melt in your mouth! I also made some Mint Oreo & Cream Cheese Cake Bites/Pops that were the first things to go.


I gathered Tiffany & Co bags and boxes from family members that already had them and we used them to decorate or wrap any small gifts that guests brought. We also surprised my sister by getting her two items from T&Co (This & this). She was beyond thrilled!


We had simple hors d’oeuvres to balance out all the sweet treats; Veggie Tray, Meatballs, and Mini Quiches. The mini quiches were a hit and gone within minutes! And of course, you can never go wrong with chocolate dipped strawberries!



As a party favor, I made individually wrapped cupcakes for everyone. I made mint dark chocolate cupcakes, inspired by this recipe. I bought the cupcake liners/wrappers here and will definitely buy more from them. They added so much and kept things grease-free. I placed the cupcakes in clear plastic cups, wrapped them in cellophane and tied them closed with pretty ribbons.


To go with the Tiffany & Co theme, I just knew we needed to have something Audrey Hepburn related. After I saw this photo, I had my inspiration! Luckily I already had this large canvas (50% off @ Hobby Lobby) and I borrowed a projector from my office to trace the outline. Add some acrylic paint and in a few hours you have this! It was so fun to paint and a great addition to the party. My sister loved it and took it home afterwards to decorate her Tiffany Blue bedroom.


The chocolate cake with buttercream frosting was made by my beautiful mother. She flattened out white gumdrops for the polka dots! It was delicious!


To go with our jewelry inspired theme, I asked a friend from Paparazzi Accessories to bring her merchandize to the party. They had a great variety of affordable jewelry and almost everyone bought something. It was a big hit for the middle of our party. Shopping, jewelry and partying all at once…a girly girl’s dream fulfilled? :)


We played a ‘How well do you know the Birthday Girl’ game (which I won!), did ‘glitter nails’ and ended the night playing ‘Dance Central’ on the XBOX Kinect.


Overall I thought the party was a great success! I hope it was an event that everyone who attended will always remember with happy thoughts. Plus, my sister loved it and that is what made all of my work worth it!


A special thanks to my family members that helped bake and decorate! See more photos here.


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