Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sweet 16 Birthday Party: Part two!

I had so much fun planning my sister’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party. And it all started with some cute invitations. We used my mom’s Cricut & Samantha helped me create them a few weeks ago for all the guests.


I made my sister a custom party hat that sparkled as much as absolutely possible. Smile


We held the party at my mom’s home & everything looked beautiful. It was great to have my mom & sisters help out to bring all the little details together.


We had a Nacho Bar complete with Queso cheese and Chili, as well as all the desserts. Probably not the best idea since everyone was too stuffed after nachos to eat the dozens of desserts! :)



For my birthday present to my sister, I got her custom Jones Sodas! They were such a fun little detail for the party. I put her photo on the front with a poem on the back. Plus, who doesn’t love Jones Soda? So good!



For details on the Dessert Table, go here.


My sister Tiffany was in charge of setting up the photo booth and she found and made some great props! The kids had fun with it and we got some great photos.


And here I am with the birthday girl. I am glad I got to plan your party, Mandy & I hope you had a great birthday! I am excited to see how *SWEET* your 16th year is! Love your big sis.


Part 1: Dessert Table found here.


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