Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhog Day Party


You might be thinking; “Why would someone have a party for Groundhog Day?!” Have you really never celebrated Groundhog Day before? Clearly you are not part of my family if you haven’t! While growing up, we all loved the movie Groundhog Day and have watched it far too much. It is easily the most quoted movie within my mom’s extended family. So, this year since I live so close to all my cousins, I decided to throw a party based around the movie for them.

I had so much fun thinking everything up and tying in little details to the movie. I found Punxsutawney Phil on Amazon; isn’t he cute?!


I had chocolate covered gummy bears for the “Baby Groundhogs” & chocolate covered peanuts for the “Groundhog Droppings.”


For dinner I served breakfast, basically. We used foods that were all mentioned in “Groundhog Day” and the signs are all lines from the movie.


For drinks, I made fake Sweet Vermouths. Rita orders this drink repeatedly on the movie and then toasts to world peace. They were deliciously sweet!


And here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure! I made the little acorns with Kisses, frosting, Mini Vanilla Wafers and Peanut Butter Chips.


My older sister Tiffany dressed up as Ralph from the movie & looked perfect!


My sister Samantha dressed up as Ned Ryerson, the annoying Insurance Agent on Groundhog Day. She looked awesome! Hahaha


After watching the movie we did a couple of trivia quizzes I created to test everyone’s Groundhog Day knowledge. Yes, my brother Jared got 100% on both! His prize: A roll of quarters (also a line from the movie, of course). The second quiz was tough; I said a line from the movie & everyone had to write the next line and tell us who said it. Yes, we know it that well. Sad, but true! :)


Here is part of our group of Groundhoggers!


To thank everyone for coming I made mini cupcakes in cute little tins. Everyone got a little Groundhog finger puppet as well.


To appreciate this party to the fullest, you might want to go watch Groundhog Day. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Maybe next year when February 2nd comes around, you will think twice. Groundhog Day deserves to be celebrated! :)

This party was so much fun and it gave us all ideas for more movie based parties!

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