Saturday, February 25, 2012

“Queens of the Court” Basketball Party



This weekend I threw a party for the girl’s basketball team that I have been coaching this winter. Our final game was last week & I wanted us to be able to get together one more time since most the girls go to different schools.

I made some individual cake pops for all the girls…aka my ‘Queens.’ :) I used a orange & pink theme and had a great time preparing. It is surprising easy to find orange food items!



Also on the menu were chocolate covered Oreos, Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes & a Rice Krispy Cake.



I came up with the theme “Queens of the Court” based on one of the drills we do at practice. Plus, I wanted to make this party a little girly instead of just sporty.



I tried to add some healthy items to the table too. I have been doing that a lot more lately…just to balance things out!



While the girls were playing some games, I set up their completion certificates. I hope they are all proud of themselves and the fact that they finished the season strong!



We had a great time! It was fun to get together off the court & see everyone's personalities come out even more. We ate, played games & the girls danced their butts off playing Dance Central.

And here is my team & I:


Thanks for a great season ladies!

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