Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colorfully Healthy Birthday Party


Yes, I had yet another party. That makes three in a row, one each week of February! And, I love it. Smile

But, because of all the sweets I have made this month, I decided to focus this party on healthier food items and less desserts! My cousin Kirsten turned 27 this week and we were already planning on having a girl’s night, so I decided to make it a real party with dinner and d├ęcor. I chose the colors based on the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that I already made a few months ago. I had almost everything for this color scheme already, so that made for super easy setup.


As you can see, I looked up the health benefits of each food item served and added that to the label.

I made turkey sandwiches with bread I bought at Kneader’s Bakery. I tried Asiago Cheese and 100% Whole Wheat this time and they were both really yummy and fresh. It was much cheaper to assemble them myself than to buy premade sandwiches and they tasted delicious!


I made oil-popped Popcorn throughout the night and added some Agave Nectar & salt for a Kettle Corn taste. Yummm.


Of course, I had to have some sweets, since it was a birthday party with all women! I made Kirsten’s favorite mint Oreo cake pops and then had some colorful candy that I found in the bulk section of Winco (why yes, I do shop there a lot…).

I still can’t believe they had individual bins of gummy bears in the exact colors I needed! Can you say meant to be?? At least that’s what I told myself & Scott when I came home with them…


We had about 8 of our female cousins there and it was lots of fun. We watched some major chick flicks (any other “She’s The Man” fans out there?!), played some games, ate and talked. It was great to get together with everyone and we need to do it more often!

Happy Birthday Kirsten!


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